NWT GmbH Wäschereitechnik GmbH

Various feeding solutions for any request:

  • Manual feeder
  • Feeder with spreading device with or without stations for 1-lane cross feeding and/or 2-lanes length feeding
  • Improvement of performance by optimum use of the working width: simultaneous processing of small items by switch off/onn of seperate lane
MEH - manuelle Eingabehilfe

MEH - simple manual feeder

B30 KEM 01 mit asymetrischer Bahnenaufteilung

B30 KEM01 with asymetric lane selection

KEM 3 ST - Stationen Eingabemaschinen

3-stations feeder KEM 3 ST

KEM 4 ST-II, 2 bahnig längs Eingabe

KEM 4 ST II, 2lanes-longitudinal feeding by 4 stations with simultaneous processing of small items

KEM 2 ST-asym KL2 mit 1 oder 2 Kleinteilbahnen

KEM 2 ST-asym KL2 with
1 or 2 seperate lanes for small items